Advantages of Istanbul’s Location for Investment

Advantages of Istanbul’s Location for Investment
24 December 2018

There are various reasons to put İstanbul in demand of investors, one of which is the bridge uniting Asia and Europe. Therefore, İstanbul has great advantages for investors, which is augmented by historical events from past to present.

As well as its location, mass population within the city makes it center of the world. This demographic factor makes Istanbul contribute to various sectors such as business, education, real estate and tourism in Turkey.

The Relation between Istanbul’s Location and Economy and Architecture

The location of the city and its growing population have become an issue that directly influences the economy. Being the greatest center of industry and economy, İstanbul has a great popularity all around the world.

Also, İstanbul is very stylistic and rich in terms of architecture while hosting so many important events in the past and present.  Due to its cosmopolite structure, İstanbul has succeeded in being a city with original architecture including characteristic and various components blending so many cultures and mixing these with Ottoman style.

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