Architectural Richness of Istanbul

Architectural Richness of Istanbul
25 December 2018

Istanbul is of great importance for the world due to its gains within historical process and strategical position as well as being the most crowded and biggest city in favor of educational, real estate and tourism sectors of Turkey. The historical, cultural and sociological value of İstanbul from past to present has contributed a lot to widening of city’s architecture.

For local and foreign visitors, many important monuments of Turkey are located in İstanbul and so being a city in high demand is not a surprising case.

Aghia Sophia as an Architectural Wealth

Having a historical sense on their body, identity of İstanbul’s buildings is heavily influenced by so many cultures nesting in the streets of the city. The city carries cultures of both Ottoman and Byzantine periods since it hosts two civilizations, two empires.

Blending the masterpieces of Byzantine and Ottoman architectures, Aghia Sophia, located in Sultanahmet, is an invaluable monument both for Turkey and the world. Islamic components reside interior of the place while Byzantine frescos are located at the ceilings.

Aghia Sophia has a very important historicity in that it exhibits an architectural heritage and meets the architectures of Byzantine and Ottoman.

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