Average House Prices for Big Cities In Turkey

Average House Prices for Big Cities In Turkey
26 November 2018

Living in the big cities is much more popular than the old times. In fact, people, who have low income, want to live in the big cities even if it is harder to live in the big cities. Since, people want to have all the possibilities of the big cities.

The average house prices for making investments or purchasing property in Turkey are quiet affordable. There are a lot of big and developed cities in Turkey. Some of these cities are; İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir.

Most Preferred Cities In Turkey For Making Investments

First of all, İstanbul is one of the most popular cities in the world. House prices in İstanbul generally belong to the districts. That’s why giving an average price is not so accurate. For an example, on the real estate market, prices of 2 + 1 newly build houses in Küçükçekmece and Beylikdüzü are between 300.000 TL and 400.000 TL approximately.

Ankara is the capital city of the Turkey. The houses in Ankara is bigger than İstanbul’s houses. For instance, prices of apartments for sale in Yenimahalle start from 250.000 TL.  Providing that you consider buying a bigger house like 3 + 1, the prices go up to 300.000 TL and 350.000 TL.

İzmir is seen as the most contemporary city in Turkey. Prices of the houses in İzmir highly increased lately. In real estate market, house prices start from 300.000 TL.

To sum up, making investments in Turkey is highly beneficial especially on big cities. Finding apartments in these mega cities are very easy and quiet affordable nowadays.

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