Business Life for Foreign People in Turkey

Business Life for Foreign People in Turkey
31 December 2018

Due to its location, Turkey is a country visited by many foreign people for various reasons. Actually, It becomes normal that foreign people make life for themselves in Turkey. Therefore, there should be certain legal procedures for business life of foreign people who live in Turkey

Compared to the previous years, the legal procedures for business life of foreign people in Turkey should contain wider options. In the last two years, nearly one hundred thousand of the demands regarding this issue have been approved by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

The most common city of the work permit request in Turkey is Istanbul. Since Istanbul has a large population, it is a rich city in terms of diversity.

The crowded population leads the investors to budget for the various business sectors in ─░stanbul. These investments in heavily populated region provided to increase the variety in the work life.

Work Permit Application Process

It can be said that this process can be performed in two ways because of the fact that the applications can be made in Turkey and abroad.

To make application abroad, foreign people have to apply to Turkish Consulate in their country with the formal contract that is received from their workplace in Turkey, and further process can be performed on e-work permit system.

To make application in Turkey, it is required that foreign people have a six-month residence permit in Turkey. Providing that this condition is carried out, foreign people do not need to return their country for work permit application. The process continues with e-work permit system.

When the work permit is approved, the employer is responsible for the social security and tax payments. This work permit is valid only in the workplace the application is made. When foreign people leave the work, the work permit is cancelled.

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