Characteristics of Istanbul within Real Estate Industry

Characteristics of Istanbul within Real Estate Industry
24 December 2018

As well as having strong business, tourism and real estate industries, İstanbul is the most crowded city of Turkey. Thus, investors suppose that when they buy house, apartment or villa in İstanbul, they will have great advantages. Apart from vitalizing real estate industry of Turkey, İstanbul has also some other characteristics

In a world and a city where the crowd increases day by day, these characteristics, which meet people and their longed past, serve for “neighborhood” concept. And also, these characteristics are of great value since they make İstanbul, the most crowded and important city of Turkey, original.

Easy Socialization and “Neighborhood” Concept

Association between increasing mistrust in close relations and quick urbanization that moves people away provides a good opportunity to investors for solving this problem.

In this rapid age of consumption where people become estranged, house owners suppose that decrease in communication with people living in other houses would be a social problem. Investors regard Turkey as an appropriate region for people who agree with them.

Turkey, which carries the traces of its traditions and cultures from past to present, is deemed as a very appropriate country for people who long for warm relationships. Thus, investors that take a part in Turkish real estate industry after realizing their projects in accordance with these aims can distinguish that characteristics of Turkish people leads to a functional situation in terms of investment sector. 

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