Colorful Architecture in Istanbul

Colorful Architecture in Istanbul
21 December 2018

It can be said that İstanbul contains many styles and modes in terms of architectural structure  because Istanbul is the most crowded and largest city in terms of population in Turkey. If it is looked from the viewpoint of the socio-cultural and ideological,  İstanbul, which has an important place in the world in addition to Turkey, has added a characteristic meaning to itself with different houses in various neighborhoods, apartments, and flats processed with a characteristic architectural style. For example, the regions where colors and vitality dominate are important places that give characteristic meaning to Istanbul.

In fact, these regions make many visitors from Turkey and abroad feel Istanbul’s different feelings. These regions help people stay away from tiredness they feel on a crowded and busy day.

Colorful Architecture and Balat

Along with the fact that Balat neighborhoods are a concrete example of the colorful architecture that dominates Istanbul, the cultural relics belonging to various periods have also put district in a prominent place when viewed in terms of Istanbul’s architecture and Turkey. Therefore, many visitors from Turkey and abroad follow a very demanding attitude to witness the historical fabric of Balat.

With the historical texture, the houses in the neighborhood also create a nostalgic atmosphere. The churches, mosques, pubs and houses that survived from the past to the present day also prove the diversity of the architectural style in every part of Istanbul.

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