Cost Of Moving House Is Expensive

Cost Of Moving House Is Expensive
29 November 2018

It sounds really exciting to purchase a house, but the problems such as relocation and settlement to new home are very serious. The process of carrying house might seem very simple from the outside, yet it really has a difficult period.

Firstly, before making investments, purchasing property or searching for a new house, there are many things that have to be done carefully. Each detail is significant from the age of the building to location of the house, from the interior design to the social facilities.

House Moving Process

The biggest problem you have to deal with after purchasing a property is transportation and infrastructure connections. In İstanbul, the situations such as the size of the goods to be transported and the distance between the neighborhoods, the distance to be moved, whether there is a lift or not, show a change according to many parameters. However, the approximate transportation cost does not go under 2,000 TL.

The most important need after transportation and infrastructure (electricity, water, natural gas, etc.) connections is the subscription. The subscription fee is 197 TL for electricity administration and 455 TL for Natural Gas, 386 TL for Guaranteed Rate, and also it is 220 TL for Water Subscription and 175 TL as Guaranteed Rate for natural gas.

Basicly Moving a House in Turkey is not cheap and easy. That’s why real estate markets prefer to sell apartments with the goods. It is much easier to settle a house with the goods especially for the outcomers.

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