Current Aspect of Architecture in Istanbul

Current Aspect of Architecture in Istanbul
20 December 2018

Istanbul, which is the most important and populous city in Turkey and carries great importance to be considered as the center of the world, has a structure combining the symbolic factors of many different cultures compared to the past times. The architectural tendencies started to be directed to different aspect in Istanbul, which is famous with architecture of the structures such as Hagia Sophia Mosque and Topkapi Palace.

The changes and emergence of new styles in the world are inevitable. Architectural styles, which are ever-changing and ever-developing, have become an important issue to be followed up for the real estate property sector. Therefore, investors have focused on projects to implement these new styles.

The Third Airport

The third airport project is one of the most important projects for Turkey and is architecturally built with current architectural style. Technological applications are used by considering speed, functionality and efficiency in the third airport opened in Istanbul. The use of technological applications is an important factor in terms of having a current appearance and functionality in terms of architectural style. Additionally, the use of technological applications has positive impact on progress of the third airport with approximately two hundred million passenger capacity annually and provides great conveniences to avoid problems that may be occurred.

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