Districts with Higher Values in Istanbul

Districts with Higher Values in Istanbul
3 December 2018

In recent years, Istanbul has a tremendous acceleration in real estate business. People are starting to realize that making investments in İstanbul is highly beneficial.

According to researches, Kartal and Sancaktepe are the places that gain the most value in recent years because of their construction projects. People, who want to make investments or purchase properties from those districts, should hurry up because the prices of these districts will be much higher than now soon.

Information about Kartal and Sancaktepe

The projects of the justice palace and also the built metro lines have made Kartal very valuable. We can say that the area was full of empty lands 2 years ago, but now we cannot say that these areas are empty. Thanks to the announcements of the projects, Kartal has attracted people. Before the project was announced, the prices of houses in terms of rent or sale was very low than the other districts in İstanbul. For now, the prices in this area have also enhanced, but we can say that they are still lower when compared with other districts. It is clear that the prices will increase highly when all the projects are finished. People, who want to make investments to Kartal, should hurry up because this place will rise in value in approximately 3 years from now.

Sancaktepe is also an area in İstanbul which becomes more valuable day by day. With the construction of the metro lines and 3. Bridge which will help the transportation, the area had become precious and still continues in that way.

Briefly, making investments or purchasing property for the places that still have the process of developing is highly beneficial for people who want to make investments or purchase properties.

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