Foreign Investors Demand for Turkey

Foreign Investors Demand for Turkey
4 January 2019

Turkey is one of the countries that are mostly demanded in terms of real estate industry. Especially foreign investors desire to be a part of Turkish real estate industry due to various reasons.

According to statistics, on September 2018, dynamism of real estate industry increased much more compared to previous years. When previous years are viewed, a great demand for buying house, apartment or villa in Turkey exists. Therefore, Turkey concentrates on projects that address each and every kind of group and make legislations thereabout so that dynamism in real estate sector does not fade away.

Price Affordability

The affordability of the prices in the county is one of the most important reasons that lead foreign investors to be a part of real estate industry through buying house, apartment or villas.

Compared to now, houses in Turkey used to be in real despair and families used to have so many difficulties while living therein. However, with the new and modern buildings after 2000s, real estate industry has begun gaining many advantages for investors who have middle income.

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