Housing Will Be Constructed Within 20 Hours With a 3D Printer!

Housing Will Be Constructed Within 20 Hours With a 3D Printer!
11 December 2018

Austria-based Doka Mold, which generates concrete molds, bought 30 percent of California’s 3D (3D) printer business organization Contour Crafting. Doka Mold will produce housing through robots and 3D printers. In Turkey, especially in ─░stanbul, this technology is being planned to be applied in a few years.

People, who want to make forward-looking investments to print housing technology, should hurry because it will gain so much value in the future. It is highly profitable to make investments to these printed houses, since these houses are being planned to be constructed the relevant districts like Beylikduzu and Esenler.

Advantages of Printed Houses

With the new technology, an average house with the 230 square meters can be constructed within 20 hours. Doka Mold and Iskele Country Manager Ender Ozatay gave the following instructions about the transformation in the building sector: “According to the scientific research, the world population will arrive in 11 billion in 2100. 75% of the population in 2050 will live in the cities. Growth is a serious difficulty for the building industry, and with this increase in the human population, accommodation and infrastructure need to be produced fast and appropriately, and in the future, traditional methods are not adequate to meet these requests.

To sum up, making investments to new printable houses are highly beneficial for people who want to make investments or purchase a property in Turkey, especially in Istanbul.

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