Investing Activities of Foreign People in Turkey and Viability in the Sector

Investing Activities of Foreign People in Turkey and Viability in the Sector
1 January 2019

Turkey is a country with variety of opportunities for groups that want to invest. The viability in the real estate property sector has great importance for the economy and universality of the country. For this reason, the Government aims to mobilize the economy and real estate property sector by protecting the rights of foreign investors.

This environment which is legally created for foreign investors leads to planning of housing projects such as houses, apartments and buildings. For example, the Government has provided great opportunities for foreign investors by accelerating the process for obtaining the deed.

Advantages for Foreign Investors in Turkey

The positive predictions of the economy experts about the Turkish economy for the next two years indicate that foreign investors will gain advantages from the real estate property sector. Additionally, the economy experts indicate that Turkey is currently in rapid development process and foreign investors can gain great incomes from houses such as buildings, apartments in Turkey.

Another advantage for foreign people who invest in Turkey is that Turkey is a bridge between East and West due to its position. Thus, investment partnerships with countries around Turkey can easily be provided. In addition, it is certain that Turkey is a popular country for tourism.

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