Investment for Foreigners in Turkey

Investment for Foreigners in Turkey
4 January 2019

It is essential to own house in Turkey for not only people who live in this country but also many foreign people. Due to its location, Turkey has become focal point for many foreign people in the real estate property sector in terms of season, culture and history.

Istanbul and holiday resorts area are the most demanded regions that the foreign investors own houses in Turkey. The houses, villas and apartments in the region such as especially Antalya, Fethiye, Bodrum continue to be favorite for foreign investors.

Reasons for Investment in Turkey

Great weather is one of the reason for foreign people who prefer Turkey. The houses, apartments and buildings are designed according to weather conditions in Turkey. For example, in order to benefit from the sun, the size of the windows are kept wide. Terraces and roofs are built with the aim of benefit from the sun.

Having a great wealth of historical events in the past directs foreign investors to purchase house, villa, building in Turkey. Nowadays, many foreign and domestic tourists visit Turkey where the important events of the world happened in the past. Therefore, foreign investors contribute to revive the real estate property sector in Turkey.

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