Investment in Istanbul and Investment Identities in Neighboorhoods

Investment in Istanbul and Investment Identities in Neighboorhoods
23 December 2018

Istanbul is an important city containing great value universally in terms of historical, culturally ideologically from past to present in Turkey and in the world. Istanbul is the city of diversity of history and culture with many natural and historical beauties in terms of both its location and its combining two continents.

The importance of the city makes Istanbul a popular city in the real estate market. Investors think that investing in residences such as houses, flats, apartments, and villas etc. in Istanbul which contains great importance in both Turkey and world will provide them with many great opportunities. Also, they advance their projects in accordance with this idea.

A number of investment identities have been established in various districts of Istanbul in relation to the location and people living in that region. For example, Beyoğlu, Caddebostan and Beşiktaş have different investment identities because of their location and people living there.

Beyoğlu on the European side, Caddebostan on the Asian side

Beyoğlu, in which the heart of history beat in the past and still maintains its popularity today, is a neighborhood  in the European side.  In general, the old and valuable buildings of İstanbul are located in Beyoğlu in terms of history and culture. Thus, the prices of these proporties are getting increased in accordance with the equivalence of this importance and It is an important neighboorhood in terms of the positive returns to investors in real estate sector in Turkey.

On the other hand, some districts such as Galata and Tarlabaşı, which are in the process of renewal in Beyoğlu, have a lower price. Caddebostan, located in Kadıköy on the Asian side, contains luxurious prices. Besides being the most popular place on the Asian side, it also provides people with great facilities for transportation because its location in Kadıköy. Prices per square meter in the region continue to increase with urban transformation.

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