Investment System in Recent Years

Investment System in Recent Years
28 December 2018

Istanbul is a significant city for Asia and Europe continents and can be considered as the center in Turkey and the world. Istanbul, which has hosted many historical events and various cultures from past to present, is one of the most important cities in Turkey. Due to its location, Istanbul has the style of eastern and western culture and it makes the city attractive to the people and investors.

The real estate property system has become more functional compared to the previous years in Istanbul, which is largely demanded by investors. It is seen that the changes and revisions will directly influence the real estate property sector.

Foreign Investors and Affairs

Although negative developments in recent years influence the real estate property system, the affairs of foreign investors in terms of real estate in Turkey are positive according to statistics.

The statistics in the autumn in the last year have increased by about sixteen percent compared to the previous year. This increase is related with development efforts of construction projects such as house, apartments, and buildings in Turkey. 

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