Investment to a Coastal Region in Turkey: Antalya

Investment to a Coastal Region in Turkey: Antalya
10 January 2019

Although there are houses, apartments, villas in a coastal region in Istanbul, some investors want to buy such residences in the summer houses areas. Antalya is one of the leading country in terms of investments in the coastal region, which has many reasons such as increased tourism, personal reasons and suitable for the lifestyle of the people. Many coastal regions such as Alanya and Kemer are one the most places preferred by investors in order to enter to the real estate property sector in Turkey.

It becomes important situation in the world that Antalya has lively summer life, natural beauties and valuable places. Investment demands in both the city center and coastal regions have been increasing since the beginning of 2010.

Common Popularity of Antalya

Antalya which is demanded by foreign investors in order to invest in Turkey, has become a popular city for many reasons such as clean beaches, view, nightlife, touristic places. Also, it is known in the world that Antalya is the most significant touristic city in Turkey, attracts many people from different cultures and countries. These are the factors that increase the popularity of the city. Most of people, who have bought house, apartment, and villa-type residence in Antalya for summer holiday, also spend their most of their time in Antalya except for Summer.

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