Investor Visits to Turkey

Investor Visits to Turkey
2 January 2019

Being a country which so many foreign people visit, Turkey has an important historical and socio-cultural location in the world. Thus, frequency of Turkey visits is closely related to important historical events that İstanbul has experienced from past to present, different cultures, traditions and ideologies within.

Along these facts, interest of investors in real estate industry of Turkey, especially İstanbul, the most crowded, dense and important city of the country, is huge. Searching and seeking for house or apartment prices, investors must be aware that they should acquire the basic and necessary information about Turkey before buying anything.

A Suspicion When It Comes to Invest in Turkey: A Matter of Trust

People regarding Turkey for investment head for the issues about safety and security of the country, at first. One of the main reasons is the boundary between Turkey and Syria. However, the distance between these two countries is more than that of London and Paris. Those who want to be a part of Turkish real estate industry can view Turkey-Syria boundary issue from this perspective.

Another reason that investors give utmost importance to that safety issue is the terrorism. Even though Turkey went through a period of attacks in 2015 and 2016, no any attack has occurred since 2017. Sectors of tourism, business, real estate and education function ordinarily and normally.

The most important and functional thing to make these investors full of suspicions trust in Turkey is experience. Those who want to be a part of Turkish real estate industry after buying house, apartment or villa can visit the regions in which they want to invest, experience the sites and make plans accordingly.

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