Life Progress in Turkey

Life Progress in Turkey
2 January 2019

This issue arouses interest in Turkey. This can be related how foreign people can adapt their life in Turkey.

Istanbul, which is large, crowded and important city of Turkey, is one of the most demanding places for residence permit. Istanbul has received so much demand, therefore this situation is related to diversity of job opportunities and social activities, important connection between historical and ideological aspects and geopolitical position of Istanbul.

After Istanbul, the second city that has received many demands is Antalya. This demand density is related to touristic value of Antalya. Purchasing houses in holiday resorts have great importance for tourists in terms of investment and life quality. As the demands for holiday resorts provide great opportunities in terms of life standard, having real estate in these regions provides great advantages to people. Instead of staying at expensive hotels, people have a very comfortable holiday at their houses in summer.

Apprehension and Reasons of Life Process in Turkey

The people, who live in Turkey for different reasons (education, holiday, family, investment etc.), feel safe in terms of some issues related to life process.

Some reasons of this apprehension people have are as follows: border line of Turkey with Syria, crime rates and types of crime in the country, the progress in the business environment.

The people, who want to own real estate property in Turkey, make investment by particularly examining these issues. Examining these issues decrease unexpected issues that the investors may face.

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