Most Profitable Places in Istanbul

Most Profitable Places in Istanbul
30 November 2018

Istanbul gets a lot of attention when it comes to real estate and this has been going on for years. With the population growing even more than expected, investments and developments in real estate also grow. So there is always a movement in this industry, related to the increasing population.

Istanbul cannot remain the same with the ever-expanding structure and hosting the different cultures. This affects real estate world whether the investors accept it or not. The price for per square meter can have a huge difference. For a property, it can be 900.000 Turkish liras. However, you go down just a couple of streets, there might be another world down there and the price would be suddenly 4000 Turkish Liras.

When you are investing, you cannot just go and choose the lowest price for a square meter. You need to find a region that looks and sounds hopeful about the future. Areas around the property need to be more clean and habitable. That is the key to making profit and right investments. It is necessary to know the standards of the real estate business in order to enhance the any kind of quality.

Invest In These!

As we cover in the beginning of the article, you really should know how a big city works before you decide to invest in it. Now that you know how big and complicated Istanbul is, you can read the latest updates we will give you about the properties, and choose the most useful one for your real estate purposes.


Istanbul made its most important profits with the winning region, Eyup. In 2017-2018, it increased the prices up to %20 and doubled the winning profits. A real estate property that has 100.000 Turkish liras worth becomes 119.000 Turkish liras at the end of 2017. The city hall of Eyup constantly reaches out to help social situations and is really aware of what public demands. Also it has a big culture that attracts new investments inside.


The most successful regions in 2017-2018 were Esenyurt, Sancaktepe, Beylikduzu, Pendik and Basaksehir. Esenyurt made a breakthrough with its numbers. The numbers of real estate properties raised up to 24% rate. On an average, selling a house is 201.100 Turkish liras. The most average house is 100 centare and the price per unit for every square meter is 2.000 Turkish liras. All the profit will be coming back to the owner in less than 20 years. Esenyurt has important value in neighborhoods such as; Yenikent, Osmangazi, Ucevler, Akevler, Ataturk… The fastest profit maker neighborhoods in Esenyurt are; Hurriyet, Fatih, Inonu, Mehtercesme and Baglarcesme…


Sancaktepe has also proven itself with real estate. The prices went up to the rate of 5%. The average size of a house for sale is 110 centare and 2. 400 Turkish liras for per square meter. Also the price of it is 265.000 Turkish liras. Safe Areas in Sancaktepe that proves itself this year are; Fatih, Hilal, Osmangazi, Kemal Turkler and Inonu.


Beylikduzu, close to Sancaktepe, made it up there with 5% growth rate. It has the same qualities with average price of 298.750 Turkish lira. People like to invest in Sahil, Beylikduzu OSB, Marmara, Baris, Dereagzi…


Pendik reached to 15% increase rate. Houses in Pendik saw 295.000 Turkish liras with the size of 105 centare. The price for per square meter is 2.800 Turkish liras. The investor can get the profit in 22 years at least. The most important neighborhoods are; Dogu, Bahcelievler, Guzelyali, Cinardere, Orhangazi.


Basaksehir proved itself with the rates of 6%. The prices of the houses went up to 398.000 Turkish liras. Neighborhoods you should know are; Altinsehir, Bahcesehir, Kayabasi and Ikitelli.

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