Six Undiscovered Things You Should Know to Invest In Istanbul

Six Undiscovered Things You Should Know to Invest In Istanbul
5 December 2018

You should check our article about investment whether you are a businessman or just a person with lots of funds in hand. Finding right properties to invest in can be tricky, especially in a big city with a lot of opportunities for real estate, like İstanbul. We will provide you with options that not only helps you invest your money in something but also will be profitable in the future.

This article will be mostly about property and ground plot. If you are looking for a real estate property in our big and cultural city, Istanbul, you are in the right place.

Istanbul, with almost twenty million people living in, is a really famous metropol. Some wealthy people around the world always consider that Istanbul is one of the first choices to invest. This is because how the city is always developing and creating places for investment. If we are thinking from the perspective of geography and geopolitics, it is on a very critical location. People, who want to put this location to a good use, will be investing in Istanbul.

Investment Places In Urban Transformation

If you are the one of those people who say ‘’I have savings but nowhere to put it.’’, then you really should consider buying property from urban transformation places. Here is how you can do that. Usually, the people, who live in the places with urban tranformation, are in a deal with the contractor. However, the people don’t like to wait for the settlement date. They would rather want to have the money right away and start a business.
For example, the propertys’ owners, who make a deal with a firm for 200 m2, will sacrifice a 50 m2 for a entrepreneur. If you have the power to wait for a while, you should do that and get all the profit for yourself in the right amount. Urban transformation is the best place to go, but you really should learn to wait for a bigger profit.

Opening Up a Shop

If you think about it, these kinds of opportunities go parallel to urban transformation and real estate profits. Think like this, lots of places in Istanbul, one way or another, go through reconstruction. In relation to that, opening a shop right before a construction will come back to you as a useful investment. Otherwise opening up after the transformation means a huge financial burden.

Istanbul Transportation Routes

One of the main themes and essence of Istanbul are the roads and how to use them for transportation. This city always grows more and more, and develops itself. With this, it comes to the need of developing transformation too. Opening up new transportation stations is the number one thing to do. Thats why you should always learn information about these projects. If you follow them and are quick, you can invest in the property that will be used by transportation. After the plans end and the project come alive, your profit will rise too.

Boulevards and Wide Streets

Like the transportation, streets always feel the need to develop too, like the need of re-designing. Small streets and roads can be pieced together to form a new and more prestigious place. As the transportation stations, these re-designed places will bring you good profit if you can acknowledge it on the right time

Being a Careful Follower Of the Economy And Opportunities

The point that brings all effort together is to always be informed. You definitely should be reading, searching, following the news and should keep an eye on the city. If you put the right amount of effort on something, you should accept that nothing can stop you.

Knowing the Seasonal Effects

When the topic comes to economy and real estate, everything, included weather, should be considered. Since we are only human, seasonal changes effect us. For example, in Turkey, the perfect time to go shopping for real estate investments might be spring and summer season. Families, who have lots of children, usually choose summer season or the period after education semester is finished because they rely on their kids.
In another perspective, you can consider winter season too, but this might be a little bargain. Every market changes the prices at the end of a year, which means winter for Turkey, but you can always play it safe with the hot waves of summer.
If the season you are in is getting affected by the economic crises or high rates of currency, than everyone will be quick to sell what they have on their hand. This will lead to real estate owners to reduce their prices.

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