The Crazy Project “CANAL ISTANBUL”

The Crazy Project "CANAL ISTANBUL"
26 November 2018

Workings have been started for the Crazy plan which has been planned to be done since the period of the Ottoman Empire, but has never been realized.

It is known that the work of the artificial canal, which will be done between The Black Sea and The Sea of Marmara with the purpose of reducing the intensity in Bosphorus, will be 40-45 km in length, 145-150 in width, and 125 m in bottom. Istanbul will create two new peninsulas and an island.

Real Estate and Life Chances Showing up With the Project

Canal Istanbul is both the biggest project of Turkey and will bring many opportunities of real estates. After the announcement of the project, the districts of Başakşehir, Avcılar, Arnavutköy and Küçükçekmece have started to attract the investors’ interest. Considering the plan drawn, it is thought that the real estates in these areas will increase in value. Investors and advisors in real estate industry want to reserve their places before the completion of the project in lands and departments. In addition, the shopping centers and wellness centers proffer qualified life to people.

As the settlements increase, the education institutions compete to increase their quality and provide better education. With the project of Canal İstanbul, the transportation opportunities have been continuing to be developed in consideration of increasing real estate demand.  The subway routes, which is newly opened and renewed, provide the chances of living in a qualified place and saving time for the people within the scope of this project.  With the completion of Canal Istanbul among the crazy projects, these areas will be almost small cities with trade centers, congress centers, shopping centers, schools, and tourism centers.

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