The Most Expensive Cities of Turkey

The Most Expensive Cities of Turkey
14 December 2018

Turkey is one of the most still-developing countries in the world. According to researches, Turkey has two cities on the gradation of world’s most developing cities’ list. İstanbul and Ankara are the cities that have the highest ratio about making investments or purchasing property in Turkey.
First of all, this article will be talked about living in İstanbul, making investments in Istanbul or purchasing properties in İstanbul and secondly, we are going to talk about Ankara, and where to live in Ankara or how to make right investments in it.

Istanbul and Ankara

Istanbul has the highest charge level region in Turkey as it has been for many years. Istanbul ranks first in the cost of real estate business, water, gas, and electricity. Also, the most expensive price level for non-alcoholic beverages and foods belongs to Istanbul. It is considered that living in Istanbul is quite high-priced compared to the salaries gained.
Ankara, the capital city of Turkey, according to TUİK data, Ankara is second one in the list. Ankara has the highest price level in restaurants, cafes, and hotels. It is also seen that Ankara has come up with the highest level of transportation. Despite these indexes, Ankara is also on the list of the most livable cities of Turkey.
To sum up, İstanbul and Ankara are the cities that are most beneficial districts about making investments or finding apartments in real estate business in Turkey.

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