The Price Increase in the Real Estate Property Sector in Turkey

The Price Increase in the Real Estate Property Sector in Turkey
25 January 2019

For reasons such as worldwide-know popularity of the real estate property sector, significant events of the country by its location, central units in Turkey, the increase in price continues considerably. One of the most important results obtained from statistics is that the prices per square meter have increased in percentage compared to the previous year.

Especially, there are many local and foreign investors in order to enter the real estate property sector in the country by buying houses, apartments, villa-type residences in Istanbul, the most populous city in the country.

The Prices are Also Increasing in Ankara and Izmir

The prices are increasing in houses, apartments and villa-type residences in Ankara that is the capital city of Turkey and is the heart of the Turkey politically. Compared to the previous years, the increase in prices per square meter in Ankara has been good news for many investors who have made investments in this city.

Due to importance in tourism sector, the prices of houses, apartments or villas in Izmir have increased compared to past.

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