The Ranking of Bursa in the Real Estate Property Sector in Turkey

The Ranking of Bursa in the Real Estate Property Sector in Turkey
7 January 2019

Bursa has very important place in the real estate property sector in Turkey. There are many advantages of buying houses, apartments and villas in Bursa, which is favorite city with many factors such as historical buildings, Ottoman Period architecture and mosques for investors.

Many domestic and foreign tourists visit the city because of the historical buildings which establish connection from past to present. Also, the nature and fresh air of the city are among the factors that increase the tourism in Turkey. Bursa is a city that people get exhausted from crowd can easily go and rest, offers more affordable conditions for the people rather than metropolitans in terms of cost of living.

Some Advantages of Buying Houses in Bursa

Besides the factors such as historical importance, the location (nested with nature), another important advantage of buying houses, apartments or residence in Bursa is easy transportation to Istanbul. 

Many investors considers the short distance between Bursa and Istanbul, which is the center of the tourism, real estate, education in Turkey, as a significant advantage. Additionally, it is another major/positive factor that Uludag which is the first place come to mind in terms of winter tourism in Turkey is in Bursa. By blending the brilliant nature with winter season, Uludag which has characteristic style as a ski center in Turkey, is a place that people can enjoy their time.

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