The Risks of Staying At a House without Agreement

The Risks of Staying At a House without Agreement
6 December 2018

The document should be completed in accordance with the license and its annexes for licensed buildings, which show the date of closure of the registration information, the land title, the address, the types, numbers, land shares, square meters, and classes.

Construction works are finished, but the buildings are not built in accordance with the permission and there is not any construction allowance for a construction, which has SSI (social security institution) debt. Do not give this permission for the properties you think it is not officially finished. If you are considering to purchase a property in İstanbul or make investments you should make researches carefully.

The Process of Buying a House Without Agreement

The sale of the houses is barely possible. In addition, people, who purchase houses from flat easement-like buildings without a housing allowance, may experience defraudation like not being able to benefit from some public services (natural gas, electricity-water subscription, etc.) due to zoning statutes.

Making investments without permission has high risks and is not beneficial at the same time. Subscription requests to be made to İGDAŞ are these; the uncommitted division is made in premises of the owner, owner of the building or their authorized emissaries. If the subscription demand is deemed.

To sum up, making investments is not beneficial for places which do not have the authorization for buildings or any kind of management.

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