Turkey for Foreign Investors

Turkey for Foreign Investors
3 January 2019

Turkey is located in an important position in the world both in terms of strategic and strong history , and also includes various opportunities for foreign investors. Therefore, foreign investors are watching for an opportunity to participate to real estate sector in Istanbul which is the most crowded, big and busy city in Turkey.

It is obvious that residences such as houses, flats, apartments and villas will provide great advantages to investors in Istanbul. That’s why, foreign investors have gained awareness of the importance of investment-oriented thinking and have begun to advance their works in this direction.

What the Infrastructure Arrangements Gain to the Real Estate Sector

The importance of participation of foreign investors in the real estate sector in Turkey is such as to be reconciled with the arrangements made in urban infrastructure in Turkey. Turkey is continuing its improvements in infrastructure, regulatory and development efforts with great care. The positive results of sustaining these efforts can be proved by the new road and bridges to the country.

In addition, along with providing a modern look with the renovation of residential buildings such as houses, flats, apartments, villas, this renovation has succeeded in creating a great demand from the foreign investors seeing these residences regulated compared to the past.

In addition to all these, the fact that the skyscrapers designed in Istanbul are intertwined with the landscape is of great importance in terms of the feelings in people created by the city and the country. Therefore, this has succeeded in being another important factor in terms of the investment issue in Turkey causing excitement among foreign investors.

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