Urban Transformation and Investment

Urban Transformation and Investment
16 January 2019

Urban transformation is an improvement and a development study carried out with the aim of making old buildings more durable and modern. These improvement studies which consist of urban transformation cover many things from the infrastructure to the exterior of the building. Therefore, with the urban transformation, investors consider to buy houses, apartments, villas in Istanbul who is the largest country in Turkey.

The buildings which are become more durable, provide more advantageous situation for the investors in the real estate property sector. As the prices of the renovated buildings are normally higher compared to the past, the investors who bought houses, apartments or villas in Istanbul in previous years, are affected positively by this situation.

Advantages of Urban Transformation

With urban transformation, renovated buildings are ready to host many business centers. Also, it is important to follow the current development in the world. Additionally, renovated buildings with resistant to natural disasters provide protection for dangerous situations safely.

The increase of prices in the regions with urban transformation provide many advantages for investors who buy houses, apartments, residences in Turkey.

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