What are the Conditions for Increased Prices in Istanbul?

What are the Conditions for Increased Prices in Istanbul?
14 January 2019

The factors such as developed infrastructure, bridges and roads, and the opening of the 3rd Airport in Istanbul, increase the importance of the city day by day. Istanbul that is the center of the many sectors in Turkey, continues to stimulate the real estate property sector with these development and improvement studies. The increase in the prices in the real estate property sector is evident with the stimulation in the sector and studies performed.

Especially, some regions of Istanbul are in a higher position compared to other regions in terms of prices. It can be said that many factors such as modern buildings, world-famous places and social diversity in these regions are among the factors causing real estate sector to become more expensive.

Two Sample Places: Bebek and Maslak

The investors who enter to the real estate property sector in Turkey should know that Bebek that is located at the Bosporus shores and is universally known and maintains the historical importance of the Istanbul, is one of the most expensive place in Istanbul. With its luxury social life areas, houses, apartments and villas, Bebek is a district that can be the dream of most investors.

Istinye Park, which is one of the biggest shopping centers in Istanbul and globally known, has become a very popular place with a variety of luxury stores. Therefore, Maslak which is the location of this shopping center that the most foreign customers find the idea, is one of the expensive places in the real estate property sector.

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