Why are The Houses for Sale in Beyoglu Valuable?

Why are The Houses for Sale in Beyoglu Valuable?
28 January 2019

Beyoglu is a region that hosts many cultures from past to present, and for this reason it has different historical values. These values are very important in terms of making connections between Beyoglu and the past. Many churches, passages, monuments and streets in the region have spiritual values in order to maintain solid identity of Beyoglu. The spiritual value progresses in direct proportion to the values of houses, apartments or villas on sale in the region

Beyoglu that impresses not only local but also foreign tourists, increases the value of houses, apartments. Thus, the investors consider Beyoglu as an ideal region in order to enter the real estate property sector in Turkey. Investors consider the historical importance of houses, apartments that they buy in Beyoglu.

Some Values in Beyoglu

Many local and foreign tourists visit the valuable places in the region from past to present. For example, “Kamondo Stairs” were built in 1850 and Art Nouveau style was used as an architectural style in the construction. Cicek Pasaji (Flower Passage) was built in 1867 and has various decorations architecturally, and by many reconstructions, it has become an entertainment venue consisting of many restaurants. Halep Passage is an important passage by consisting of Beyoglu Cinema in order to establish bond with the past. Besides the cinema, there are several shops in the passage.

Apart from these examples, other important churches, passages, streets and mosques in the region shows people that Beyoglu is the heart of Istanbul in Turkey.

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