Why is Kadikoy an Important Region for Investing?

Why is Kadikoy an Important Region for Investing?
15 January 2019

Kadikoy is a district which is located in the Anatolian side of Istanbul and is an important historical place. Especially in the Bagdat Street, there are many exclusive restaurants and world-famous stores, luxury cafes and modern buildings. Kadikoy which has historic structures and luxury places, is very important place to enter to the real estate property sector in Turkey.

Therefore, it may be beneficial for you to buy house, apartment, residence in that region that increases in value day by day. Also, Kadıköy is a district that can be considered as the center of socialization, has many social activities.

Some Factors that Make Kadikoy Valuable

It is one of the important factors that make Kadikoy Valuable that Fenerbahce, the biggest football club in Turkey is in Kadikoy.

The Akasya Shopping Center and Residence is also another important factor for investment. The importance of these buildings is that these building are situated on the big shopping center and have convenient opportunities for transportation.

Moda, which gives the impression of a seaside town, reflects the calm and peaceful side of Kadikoy.

Also, there are buildings that have many social activities such as opera and theater.

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