IGP729 Sapanca, Sakarya / Turkey

$ 924.000 / Cash

Sapanca, Sakarya / Turkey

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Villa Information

Located in a land surrounded by 2000 stone walls and a forest. 1000 m2 of the land is landscaped and there are mature lime, walnut, palm, grape vine, mulberry, chestnut and pine trees in it. There are also a yearly mandarin, lemon and an olive trees. A pond with koi fishes in crescent moon shape and a potable water channel with two different places flowing into the pond. The water channels are flowing from 2 small ponds structured with geyserite.

Walking areas within the land are shaped by installing 100 years of railway tracks,

Similarly, benches made of wood log on the platforms composed of railway tracks,

Parking lot for 2 cars in the land,

The rivers in the land and the water consumed are potable water and wafted to the 13 tons of warehouse at the top of the land with the technical construction of underground resource of Dereköy.

The Features of The 130 Year Mansion

  • It has been renovated and made comfortable by preserving all of its original features. The mansion is 300 m2 and has 2 living rooms (one of which as a winter garden and can be enjoyed in both summer and winter months)
  • Ground floor is constructed with stone and wooden (from chestnut tree logs), floors are geyserite and there is a fireplace made of stone and 2 sitting groups (a wooden sitting couch and fixed stone couches)
  • Glassed room is around 40 m2 and connected to the kitchen, providing an easy food service
  • There are 4 rooms in the upstairs, each with a bath and a toilet. 3 rooms have a fireplace. Floors are wood in its original form.
  • Heating and hot water (with thermosiphon, radiator)

2-Floored Wooden Building

  • There is a living room and an open kitchen in the ground floor
  • There is a built-in stove, oven, hood, refrigerator and a washing machine in the kitchen
  • There is a bedroom and study room in the upstairs (a balcony covered with glass, 3 sides of it have a full view of forest)
  • There is a front terrace

Separate Prefabricated Building Called Dom

  • Social meeting hall, fitness center, 90 m2 living room that can be used as masjid.
  • One wall is made of completely natural stone. High ceilings, hardwood floors
  • If desired, it can be changed easily for residential use. Electricity, water and drain infrastructure are available


  • 60 m2 kitchen, refrigerator, freezer, washing and drying machine, dishwasher, oven with one stove, commercial cooker, hood, industrial aspirator and all kinds of small kitchen appliances,
  • Hot water system,
  • Industrial water jet battery,
  • Walls up to the ceiling and white ceramic floors,
  • 2 contemplation/meditation huts in the garden,

Technical Features

  • Hydrophore, 13T water tank, smoke detectors,
  • Garden lightings (remote controlled, colored and preferential),
  • Voltage regulator,
  • Industrial electricity,
  • 17 KW generator available,
  • Accommodation and restaurant license available (can be canceled if not desired)

Villa Details

District: Sapanca

Number of Room: 4

Number of Living Room: 2

Number of Bathroom: 4

Villa m2:  300

Land m2: 1300

Number of Floor: 2

Private Swimming Pool: NO


District: Sapanca

City: Sakarya

Country: Turkey