Istanbul Government Projects

Let Us Build Your Future With The Guarantee of Government Guaranteed Projects

We set out on this journey 66 years ago to meet our country’s housing needs. Today, we undertake Turkey’s most prestigious projects. We are pleased tos hare that we pride ourselves on becoming the leading actor of tge national economy.

The leading developer company with a deep-rooted history:

Government Guaranteed Projects was established company in Turkey in terms of marker value, real estate portfolio and land inventory.

Government Guarantee:

Government Guaranteed Projects is the participation of the governmental entity TOKİ ( Turkish RepublicEnvironment and Urbanization Ministry Housing Development Administration), thereby we offer government guarantee.

Turkish Citizenship:

A foreign investor canobtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment of not less than 250 thousan US dollars.

Best Price Guarantee:

There are no real estate broker sor intermedary firm, opportunity to purchase directly from Government Guaranteed Projects Thus, we offer BEST PRICE GUARANTEE.

Payment Options:

Government Guaranteed Projects finances the clients you by offering long installment plans. So, no need for any loan, cost of bank interest.